Sales Tips

Sales Tips 

In a large corporation everyone has a specific job to do. There are tech guys, salesmen, engineers and managers. The jobs rarely overlap and everyone is specified.

When you work from home, however you may put on a number of hats during the day. You might be secretary first thing in the morning, then accountant in the afternoon and consultant at happy hour. The point is, you may end up doing the job of more than one person, and not all these jobs will be familiar to you. Like sales.

You’ve heard of people who are born salesmen? Some people certainly have a knack, but it’s still a skill you can learn. And you MUST learn it, because when you own your own business you need to be its biggest advocate! Here are some quick sales tips to get started.

1. Read everything you can: The more you read about selling and sales techniques, the better you become.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice: Roleplay with family or friends, test out new tricks.

3. Find What Works for You: If hard selling doesn’t sit well with you, don’t worry! There are lots of ways to sell. Find a way that makes you comfortable and fits your personality type.

4. Be Honest: Don’t ever lie to get a sale. If someone asks a hard question, it’s okay to get back to them with an answer. Even in hard selling you never want to promise something you can’t follow through on.

5. Ask the Question: Some sales people call it closing. But I call it asking for the sale. After you run through your pitch and give them all the reasons why your product is the best, ask them to buy it!

Want even more good sales advice?….to be continue

What good sales tips have worked for you?


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